RISE Train Represents The Future Of Virtual Fitness Training And Here’s How You Can Benefit


A certified, reliable, and accessible virtual trainer who can build a custom fitness program for you? Yes please! Click to learn more about how the RISE Train platform, developed by Dr. Devon Hoffman, can help you achieve your fitness and health goals, no matter what stage you are at on your individual journey.

Finding a fitness trainer who is invested in your success is a lot more difficult than it should be. Oftentimes you have to go through a gym, which we all know can be unreliable. When gyms across the world closed unexpectedly as a result of the pandemic, people were uprooted from their fitness routines, causing a lot of challenges to them both physically and mentally. Not to mention gyms can get expensive too, especially if you’re required to purchase a membership that’s subject to cost changes if your trainer only works out of a certain facility.

There has to be a better and more efficient way to take charge of your health that doesn’t break the bank or involve unreliable gyms. You can try to go on social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube to watch fitness tutorials and health advice videos. But how do you really know if those workouts and suggestions are going to be effective or safe for you to implement into your routine?

Everyone has their own fitness and health history which plays a crucial role in the type of exercise program they should or shouldn’t be on to reach their goals. That’s why it’s so important to consult a fitness professional before starting any health plan. But with certified trainers being inaccessible, and online trainers being unreliable, what other options do you really have? It can be draining to put in so much time and effort into something and yield no results, or worse, risk your health.

At the end of the day, everyone deserves access to a health care professional who is certified and can provide powerful insight and guidance into their fitness journey. That’s why Dr. Devon Hoffman created RISE Train.

“With everything moving online, there’s a lot of people that have experienced issues, either having to wait for a physical therapist, gyms closing and personal trainers not available, or with other platforms giving people generalized workouts,” Dr. Devon shares. “People are looking for more of a personal touch. They want a program that is specifically built for them, so I made one,” he adds.

Dr. Devon is the founder of RISE Train, a revolutionary training platform that represents the future of virtual training. It’s basically like having a trainer in your pocket. You can meet with them virtually during one-to-one video check-ins, have 24/7 access to ask questions or receive specific tips and tricks that you might need, all through the platform. It connects industry professionals, like physical therapists, yoga instructors, and fitness trainers, with people who are looking for a better way to get fit and reach their goals.

In addition to that, Dr. Devon developed a proprietary 4-step method that his trainers implement with their clients to successfully help them achieve all of their fitness and health goals. It allows for a fully customizable approach to one’s health that is unparalleled to any other service in the fitness and health industry today. Here are Dr. Devon’s 4 proprietary steps that makeup RISE:


During this initial stage, Dr. Devon or another trainer works to find out your unique health history in order to begin preparing a tailored fitness and health program that can suit your needs.

“We actually reveal through a movement assessment and evaluation what someone’s limiting factors are,” he shares. “We figure out what’s preventing them from being able to actually work on their goals on their own, and then we build a program to solve that,” he continues. 


“Once we find those limitations, we build a program and start implementing those corrective exercises, and corrective stretches that are going to relieve them of those issues so they can actually start working on their goals,” he says.

During this stage, trainers provide additional training, support, and tutorials through the platform which you can use and refer to whenever you need them. 


After those basic limiting factors are resolved due to implementing corrective exercises, Dr. Devon or his trainers begin to provide higher level exercises to solidify the next steps in their client’s programs. 

“That would include things like higher weight exercises, higher reps, and just more challenging movements,” he explains.  


The final stage is execution. This is where your trainer sets you up for success, as you are provided with the tools and guidance you need from them to be able to take action towards your fitness goals on your own. 

“We provide a sustainable plan, that you’re able to execute ideally for the rest of your life,” Dr. Devon shares. His RISE method has been able to heal individuals with past injuries, tightness, and/or pain, so they can go on to reach their fitness goals, and it has yielded some unbelievable results. To view his inspiring client success stories, be sure to click here

By taking a custom approach to your health and fitness, you too can reveal, implement, solidify, and execute a program that makes movement and fitness enjoyable for you. There are truly no limits to what you can accomplish, no matter what stage you are at on your journey. 

“The opportunity is so abundant right now for people that are looking for help around the world, specifically online,” Dr. Devon says. “Everyone’s getting busier by the hour, and accessible virtual training is becoming a very lucrative platform not only for the trainers but also for clients that are looking for someone who can be there for him without having to commute half an hour to go to the gym, three days a week,” he concludes. 

So if you are looking for a program specifically built for you, RISE to the occasion today and visit RISE Train to book a 1-1 training session with a certified trainer. Or be sure to visit Dr. Devon Hoffman on Instagram for some more information.

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