Helpful Advice From A Multi-Millionaire On How To Achieve Financial Abundance


Regan Hillyer is a renowned mindset coach, self-made multi-millionaire, and business maverick who’s assisted countless individuals on their journey to attaining financial abundance. Read on to learn six tips she gives her clients that’s helped them make their dreams come true.

It’s not for just any reason, luck or happenstance, that you’re seeing this article. You’ve been led to it because the universe knows that you are keen on manifesting your dreams. You’ve gotten clear on your visions, and are ready to let abundance flow to you.

In order to prepare you for the best possible outcome, Regan Hillyer offers some helpful advice. She is a self-made multi-millionaire and mindset coach who has assisted plenty of people, just like you, on their journey to financial success.

Hillyer is a business maverick and best-selling author, having founded a plethora of successful companies including a sustainable swimwear brand called Ascension Swim, a luxury sustainable community in Costa Rica called The Nest, a book publishing company called Have It All Publishing, and so much more. She is a self-made entrepreneur, with philanthropy, sustainability, and altruism at the core of everything she does. 

Here are Hillyer’s six tips on how to activate financial abundance.


1. Let Go Of Past Conditioning 

Growing up, we are all conditioned with certain beliefs, that as we get older, become a part of our unconscious reality. The problem is, that certain beliefs are limiting your potential and chances are, you don’t even know it. 

“Fitting into society’s norm, the social constructs instilled in you by family, your upbringing, and conditioning are all archaic systems, old ways of thinking, that hold you back,” Hillyer explains. 

“Part of my work is to allow people to see that any box they’ve been living in is a self-inflicted box. You have to completely remove yourself from it in order to create an entirely new reality, one that opens you up to infinite possibilities,” she continues.

2. Use Your Unconscious Mind As Tools For Manifestation

“Your unconscious mind is what really drives your reality,” Hillyer says. She shares that your unconscious mind is more powerful than your conscious mind and that it has the ability to put you in a state of trance or hypnosis that can help you manifest your dreams.

“Your unconscious system is so powerful, yet so many people are just working with their conscious mind, doing things like repeating affirmations or thinking positively. Although those things are great, it doesn’t add up to much unless your unconscious system is in alignment with it as well,” she adds.

So how do you bring your unconscious and conscious minds together in alignment? In order to do so, Hillyer uses a method called the Energetic Architecture Method. It’s a manifestation tool that she developed that works to unify the unconscious mind and your energetic field, to bring your whole system into greater cohesion. The Energetic Architecture Method is an accumulation of tools and knowledge that Hillyer has learned within the last 15 years, including NLP practices and hypnosis.

3. Take Aligned Action 

“Success is 80% made up of an internal reality that you craft and create, and 20% of what you do with that on the outside,” Hillyer says. “It’s about taking aligned action, to get closer to your vision.”

Hillyer explains that a mistake most people make when it comes to manifestation is that they don’t take that aligned action, or fill in the other 20%.

In order to start taking more aligned action, Hillyer suggests that do the following exercise:

Write down 5 things that you can do each day that will bring you closer to your goals, and then follow through with them. It’s that simple.

 “One or two steps of aligned action is way more powerful than 50 steps of unaligned action,” she says.


4. Remember That It’s Quality Over Quantity 

“Someone can spend 20 hours a day trying to manifest, but if they’re not utilizing efficient tools, it’ll be far less useful than someone who sits down for 15 minutes and uses something that’s really powerful,” Hillyer says.

For her, this means going in and recalibrating her inner self through mindfulness and meditation. You must ask yourself questions like, what would it look like if I was more powerful? What would be going on if I was even more amazing, abundant, and at my most epic?

The next step is to give yourself a gift of 10-15 minutes per day, longer if you’d like, and work from the inside out to embody those beliefs.


5. Embody The Best Version Of Yourself  

Think about who you want to be five years from now, this version of you that’s living that life

How does that version of you walk? How do you talk? What do you think and how do you act? What do you wear? What do you eat? What do you not eat? How do you move your body? What kind of people are you around? In order to embody the best version of yourself, you have to think of all of these things, and literally become it.

“Tap into a future version of yourself that’s already manifested what you want, and download or import that version of yourself into your current reality,” Hillyer says. “Anyone can do this. It’s about acting from that place and living from that spirit. Most people just gradually evolve, but you can manifest the best version of yourself a lot quicker than that if you do the work to embody it right now,” she continues. 

6. Operate From A Place Of Abundance

“Everything in the universe is constantly pulsating, and we’re no different,” Hillyer says. “You’re either pulsating into expansion, abundance, and infinite possibility, or you’re contracting down and operating in fear, scarcity, or self-doubt. You can’t be in both contraction and expansion at the same time,” she explains. So if you want to manifest something, in this case, money, it has to be done with the right mindset and from the right energy. 

Hillyer shares a story from when she was in university that really puts this in perspective. At the time, she barely had any money and was at the grocery store, putting things in her trolley and adding up the total as she went. When she got to the fridge section, she saw these beautiful blueberries, grabbed them to put in her cart, but swapped them out for strawberries when she saw the $7 price tag.

“I asked myself, ‘how much money am I actually saving?’” Hillyer says. “I think it was only three dollars or so, so then I thought to myself, what would abundance do in this scenario? And I grabbed the blueberries back.”

Choosing blueberries is a metaphor for life and manifestation. Are you ready to welcome abundance into your life for good? Connect with Regan Hillyer and access some of her best-selling tools, courses, and strategies, such as Ignite With Regan.

It’s not very often in life that you have the opportunity to learn from a self-made multi-millionaire on how to activate financial abundance, so be sure to take advantage of this life-changing opportunity and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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