Dr. Yes, The Expert Love Coach, Shares The Secret To Attracting Real Love


Dr. Suzanne Yessayan, known as Dr. Yes, is a Los Angeles-based Love Coach helping people across the diversity spectrum attract happy and healthy love through effective coaching programs and hypnotherapy. Dr. Yes works from the inside-out to support clients in creating happier, healthier lives and lasting relationships.

Navigating the world of love and relationships is a part of the human journey, and the voyage can be thrilling, mystifying, and ultimately life-changing. Everyone wants to one day meet their match, but for many, the path to meeting that person feels unclear or even impossible – that somehow they weren’t privy to the secret to finding “the one.” However, for those who think they’ve missed the boat to a happy love life – there is hope!

Dr. Suzanne Yessayan, known as Dr. Yes, is a Love and Relationship Coach, Licensed Hypnotherapist, and Modern Intuitive who, through her expert coaching, helps clients find the freedom, love, and transformation to attract their dream relationships. Dr. Yes” combines relationship coaching with a variety of therapy modalities to help clients attract happy and healthy love, build strong relationships, create a foundation of self-love, and enjoy enhanced happiness and health. 

From her professional training and life experiences, Dr. Yes recognizes that the most vital aspect to attracting the right partner has more to do with the subconscious mind than with the conscious mind. “Your subconscious mind controls 95% of your life,” shares Dr. Yes. “If you don’t take care of your emotional triggers at both the subconscious and conscious levels, you’ll keep repeating the same old patterns of choices, thinking, and behaviors.” 

As Dr. Yes explains, “Addressing deep hidden patterns, blockages, and limiting beliefs is essential to having happy and healthy relationships. Forgiving and letting go to move forward can be challenging. We can’t change the past. Sometimes we need help to get unstuck through professional coaching to learn how to grow from the past and let go of what no longer serves us. We need to let go to allow new possibilities to enter our lives, and to soften our heart for something even better. We have to unclutter to create a new space in our life by leaving our past where it belongs.”

Using the therapeutic tool of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)™ Hypnotherapy, Dr. Yes helps clients effectively access and quickly put to rest unwanted feelings caused by negative beliefs and past traumatic events. In just one 90-minute hypnotherapy session, clients often experience breakthroughs that transform their lives inside and out. Her method focuses on clearing blocks, releasing damaging patterns, and helping people realize their true value. 

The first thing people notice when meeting someone new is their energy; when there’s aligned energy, it sparks attraction. This phenomenon can work positively if both parties are at their best, attracting someone who reflects their best qualities– but if a person is emitting an energy of, say, insecurity, negativity, or inauthenticity – these are the qualities they are likely to attract! Like attracts like. Dr. Yes states that to find a “perfect” partner, ‌ become a “perfect” partner. 

In Dr. Yes’ e-book 5 Common Mistakes Attracting The One You Want, she generously shares expert insights to help anyone ensure they’re operating at a vibrational level to meet a great partner while having the intuition and wisdom to avoid the others. One of the common things people often come up against, which Dr. Yes guides clients through, is simply being afraid to get back into dating. 

“There are only three fears in the human condition: one of these is that you’re “not enough” The second is that you won’t be loved; and the third is you’ll find no one better,” shares Dr. Yes. “If you chase after undesirable love interests who treat you poorly – and you only want them more, or you’re afraid to ask for what you want – it’s likely you don’t value yourself.” 

Dr. Yes shares, “What if… you don’t get the love you’re looking for? But what if YOU DO? So what’s your option… an invisible wall of loneliness? How’s that working for you? Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and focus on what could go right.”

It takes inner work to heal self-doubt and be fully open to love. Dr. Yes uses a highly effective program she refers to as “Calling in ‘The One’™Coaching” that is specifically designed to clear the roadblocks that stand in the way of happy, healthy love and rebuild the foundation to create the type of relationships that people yearn for. Identifying and releasing stories and internal baggage that have held us hostage makes way for our most authentic selves to shine through and empower us to give and receive the purest form of love. 

Besides helping people find love, Dr. Yes’ expertise extends to teaching those in‌ exiting a relationship how to do so honorably and with minimal emotional damage using the “Conscious Uncoupling” ™ Coaching” process. Dr. Yes’ professionalism and acumen as a love coach and guide powerfully support people of all adult ages, genders, and sexual orientations in finding freedom from heartache and awakening to their personal power and self-worth.

“Sometimes we experience an inner conflict between our heart and mind,” Dr. Yes explains. “Do you stay or leave a relationship that’s just not working, or when something is missing? Are you staying for the wrong reasons and uncertain what’s best next steps? Do you believe you’re ‌a failure because your relationship isn’t working, but you know you desire someone different? We ignore our intuition and remain stuck instead of reaching out for professional help.”

Dr. Yes adds, “When relationships don’t work out, take the lesson and learn from it. Don’t be sad, bitter, or angry forever. Life is short. Why hold yourself back? Heal with coaching when necessary, and move forward. When you forgive yourself and forgive others, you are then truly free. Learn and grow from the experience of remembering that forgiveness is an important part of moving on so you can truly heal and thrive. Wish each other the best and move on.”

Existing relationships need checkups and tune-ups too and a worthwhile life investment. It could save you from a costly and painful breakup, even rebuild a wilting relationship, or prepare you for the next future relationship so you feel confident in your choices. You’re worthy of getting help from an expert love coach like Dr. Yes. If you’re stuck in the past, struggling with unresolved issues, amid a breakup, and you keep repeating the same patterns and choices, reach out for her help so that you allow new possibilities for a happy and healthy life. Bypass the dating apps and invest your trust in Dr. Yes to help heal your heart and experience the transformation that will attract the real love you deserve and desire.

If you’re looking to attract a partner and have challenges and don’t really know what a healthy relationship looks like, then invest in yourself with the help of Dr. Yes. Even when lacking in self-confidence, you don’t trust your emotions, are uncertain whose right for you, don’t believe you deserve or doubting your worthiness for love and healthy connection, then reach out for her professional help. Are you ready to take a step forward to move your love life in a positive direction? Then  contact Dr.Yes by visiting ConsciousChangeNow.com to find the clarity and freedom you’ve been looking for!

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