A Holistic Method Of Healing Chronic Infections With Dr. Tom Moorcroft’s Clinic Origins Of Health


After more than 13 years of battling chronic Lyme disease and Babesiosis, Dr. Tom Moorcroft, founder of Origins Of Health, became an advocate for those suffering from environmentally contracted chronic illnesses by focusing on healing the mind first to recover the body. 

Dr. Tom Moorcroft has a unique knack for figuring out complex medical mysteries by focusing less on the label of a diagnosis and more on understanding underlying triggers and potential trauma. After he experienced multiple misdiagnoses for his own condition, he found himself in the realm of root cause medicine. Unlike traditional health services, Moorcroft sits down and listens to his patients’ stories, keeps note of body language, and puts together a timeline of how an individual got to the place they are in now.

During our interview, Moorcroft reflects on a time in his life when he had a breakthrough during his path to recovery. “I love going outside and doing stuff. I want to play with the dogs. I see myself playing outside with my family – skiing and mountain biking. And I said I’m doing that. There’s no room for illness in my mind,” he recalls, chuckling to himself. “There was nothing that was going to stop me from getting there. I didn’t know how to get there. But as soon as I said that, a week and a half later, somebody handed me a yoga DVD and said, hey, try this. That started the whole healing process journey for me.”

Dr. Tom Moorcroft is the founder of Origins Of Health, a global leader in solving medical mysteries, a trainer for other healthcare providers, a renowned lecturer, and more. His clinic is focused on providing proactive methods of understanding and research for those who are trying to recover from chronic infections. Moorcroft developed his clinic with the focus of integrating root cause medicine and finding underlying triggers in his patients first before implementing medication and other methods. He emphasizes the importance of the body’s ability to self-heal and how vital this process is to overcome certain illnesses. 

Moorcroft looks deeper than offering a simple medical explanation. The stigma behind mental health and inner work is what is holding individuals back from healing and is something he advocates for. “The body has the inherent wisdom of life that guides it. The results are often amazing if we listen to and work with the body’s natural healing powers,” Moorcroft explains. This is what sets his practice, Origins Of Health, apart from others. They teach their patients how to ignite their self-healing abilities within themselves so they can experience a true, healthy life. 

He has dedicated his professional life to helping his patients develop the right mindset by focusing on what they want in their lives and understanding those wants to start the recovery process. Moorcroft assists his patients with making these connections so they can truly believe in change to actually see change occur.

Movement, diet, sleep, mood, and mindset are all necessary parts of maintaining a healthy body to boost your immune system. With proper awareness and guidance, you come to understand that mood and mindset are intrinsically connected. To attain this level of perspective, Moorcroft teaches his patients six simple yet effective methods of mindfulness; optimizing sleep; maintaining healthy eating habits; daily movement and regular exercise; emotional awareness to promote a good mood; a positive mindset by focusing on what you want rather than what you don’t want by writing down 3 positives from the day and 3 more for tomorrow, and heart set by being attached to what you do want and remaining grateful for everything you already have in your life. 

These exercises allow the mind and body to work together and put in motion your recovery process. It’s the introspective practices that pave the way for healing and recovery and are the basis of Moorcroft’s practice. 

“After an over 4-year healing journey, I learned that I really wanted to live to my fullest potential every single day. I wanted to work hard and give a ton to the world. I also wanted to play hard and do the things that really awakened the passion deep within me. The more I did those things that brought me joy, the better I was at my work and the more love and passion I had to share with those around me, especially my family.”

Moorcroft’s patients see real results with his conventional and natural treatment approach and a personalized method to awaken the self-healing power within oneself. It is always easier to focus on what is wrong versus what is right, but if you listen to your body’s inherent wisdom and natural healing powers, the results are amazing and often miraculous. This philosophy is the foundation of Origins Of Health

If you want to see real results to fully begin your journey to a healthy life or are interested in learning more about the holistic approach to healing, get in touch with Dr. Tom Moorcroft today by email at info@originsofhealth.com.

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