V Shred Review – “40-Year-Old Single Mom Loses 70 Pounds Of ‘Lockdown Weight’ with V Shred Program”

Disclaimer: Shady’s story and results are unique. Results with the V Shred program vary. For typical results, please see the testimonial support page. “What are you doing to lose so much weight so quickly?” Learn how this mom went from over 250 pounds to just 180 within the span of 3 months.


When the COVID-19 pandemic took place, whispers of another challenge slowly surfaced – pandemic weight gain. Lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, and social distancing measures limited people’s opportunities for physical activity, while more time spent at home meant greater access to one’s kitchen. 

This ease of access to food, combined with stress and boredom, contributed to more frequent and less healthy eating. Many have called this as “COVID-15,” alluding to the some odd 15 pounds that people gained as a result of the lockdown. 

Pandemic weight gain impacted 39% of the American population, including 40-year-old single mother Shady. As a result of the lockdown, Shady lost her job in retail and her cleaning business went down, leaving her feeling depressed and isolated at home. Her weight ballooned to 252 pounds.

“My joints were sore, I was having a hard time walking and I couldn’t go bike riding with the kids. I became lazy and depressed,” she says.

Shady realized that if she wanted to be able to keep up with her kids, she would need to take control of her health, so she started doing some light cardio. 

“I started slowly by walking outside,” says Shady. “That gave me the jumpstart and I started to feel better, but I was still looking for something more.”

Shady was ready to drop the extra 70 pounds she had gained to finally ease the stress on her joints and get her confidence back, but she didn’t know where to start. Then one day, while scrolling through social media, Shady saw an ad for V Shred, with a free quiz that would recommend a customized diet and exercise plan.

With nothing to lose, Shady took the short quiz and instantly got a workout plan designed to help her burn fat. She downloaded the app and learned exactly how to eat every day of the week, along with targeted exercises that would help her release weight. Shady followed this weight-loss plan, and within months, her life changed for the better.

“All the information that you get with the app is so helpful and really insightful,” she shares. “The program is so easy to follow.” By just answering a short, 6 question quiz, Shady had all of her diet recommendations laid out for her, and in just three months, reached her goal and lost an unbelievable 70 pounds! 

So how does V Shred get people such amazing results?

The answer is through something called “Metabolic Confusion.” Using a carb cycling approach, where you eat higher carbs on certain days and fewer carbs on others, you fire up your metabolism while enjoying the foods you love without having to worry about putting on extra weight. 

Plus, according to Shady and thousands of other V Shred reviews, the program includes easy to follow workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home, making it perfect for busy moms on the go.  The workouts are only 15 to 20 minutes long and don’t require any equipment.

But that’s not even the best part. When joining a V Shred program, you are not only committing to yourself, but are also joining a community of supportive, like minded individuals who want to see you succeed, which Shady says is the cherry on top. 

“Before I even started day one, I was on the community page, reading other women’s posts of inspiration, and love, and encouragement. It was average women sharing their before and after photos, and just reading how supportive everybody was, was a huge part of it for me,” says Shady. 

This women-only Facebook group has almost 1 million members and is one of the biggest and most active online fitness communities out there.

It’s crazy to think that at a certain point, Shady was depressed and didn’t believe she could change her life, but today she has become one of those women who post in the group to uplift and inspire others. 

“The fact that I’ve inspired people is really crazy. It gives me goosebumps,” she says. “My friends are like, ‘what are you doing to lose weight? I want to feel the way you feel.’ And at the end of it all, I want to continue to help people, inspire them and make them feel good. That’s all I want.”

Those interested can take the free Body Type Quiz.

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