Embrace The New Elixir Of Love This Valentine’s Day With Dan Mezheritsky’s Sacral Chai Tea

Increased connection, healthier heart rates, and sizzling sexual desire may seem like a complete package out of reach. Still, for the former founder and current president of Fitness on the Go, Canadian-born athlete Dan Mezheritsky thought otherwise. His new significant venture, Sacral Chai, promises to heighten all three - simply by consuming a lovely cup of tea.


Dan Mezheritsky’s unwavering passion for sports and the fitness industry, combined with his exceptional marketing and strategic skills, led him to remarkable success. From being a national team track and field athlete to establishing and growing a multi-million-dollar business that employed over 200 personal trainers, the Canadian-born’s determination and hard work are truly inspiring.

After a failed relationship, the former founder and current president of Fitness on the Go embarked on a nine-year journey of self-discovery and uncovered that his reactions to the knowledge he gained were more captivating than any particular destination – even after traveling on 600 flights.

“The thing I’ve learned is that the most important thing on this planet is relationships,” explains Dan Mezheritsky. “From romance to friendships, communities, and even to yourself. So once I understood that through my nomadic journey, along with my passions for all things tasty, supplements, and wellness – the concept of sharing chai tea was born.”

He continues, “Why not give people the opportunity to drink something healthy and an aphrodisiac that will deepen their relationship?”

Dan Mezheritsky

Besides his love for nutrition and supplements, which go hand-in-hand in the fitness world, Dan Mezheritsky emphasizes the importance of taking a step back from the physical and focusing on elevating our mental wellness, too.

Because “If you don’t have that, then you’ve got nothing,” he shares.

Even though he admits he has always been good with family and friendships, he found that while building his fitness business empire, other parts of his life would be pushed aside. “I learned that if you want to grow, thrive, and be successful, you must devote some time to it.”

At 31 years old, he put a master franchisee in charge of running the day-to-day operations, allowing him to live as a digital nomad. However, after reflecting on his mental wellness, he realized that his new mission was followed by a question mark, slowing his life to a halt.

“Once you are living without a purpose, you realize there’s nothing that’s driving you to get out of bed. I had to look within myself and truly understand what would motivate me. Even without money, I had to ask myself what I wanted from life?” 

Until one day, along his travels, it hit him.

Now, his team {who have been in the health and wellness space for over 20 years} have created the ultimate partnership ritual for those longing to love and live happily ever after.

Working together with high-quality ingredients from the Amazon, and handmade in Topanga, California, his beverage – entitled Sacral Chai, includes clavo huasca, chuchuhuasi, muira puama, and catuaba, along with two other potent aphrodisiacs, damiana, and blue lotus.

What’s interesting to note is that traditional knowledge and biodiversity remain significant in various parts of the world, contributing to health care, culture, religion, food security, the environment, and sustainable development. 

For example, all the roots and barks found in his elixir of love derive from the Amazon, which tribes still drink daily for their vitality and virility.

In fact, tea, a beverage that has impacted the world in numerous ways, has a history that spans over 5,000 years. Its origins can be traced back to India, where it was initially discovered. Over time, the popularity of chai tea has surged, with many people embracing its unique taste and health benefits.

After numerous formulations, he landed on a blend of Sacral Chai set to enhance the healthy function of blood flow, vasodilation, liver, bladder, and heart rate. The hot drink is something that you can fall in love with as its aromas and tastes of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and black pepper steamy goodness also make for the ultimate romantic mood-setter, increasing sexual drive and performance.

Dan Mezheritsky

“The purpose of the chai tea is also to provide a service where the recipients receive a text message every day for the first 30 days. The text message consists of a simple question that aims to engage the recipient and encourage them to reflect on their thoughts or actions,” he adds. “It’s a reminder to devote time to each other and never stop learning about your partner..”

Simply pour your partner a piping hot cup of love to enjoy a tender moment while asking the daily question to find deeper information about what makes them tick.

Now, “there are other ways to connect,” Dan concludes. “And, a kind nudge not to forget to.”

So, if you want to indulge this Valentine’s Day, why not treat yourself to a serene sip of luxury by checking out Sacral Chai’s website? Explore how members can benefit from this ritualistic experience and make the heart-felt day one to remember.

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