Ready To Heal? Corene Summers, Founder of Artisan Farmacy, Has Affirmations For You


Mindset shapes how we heal. In a western world addressing the branches rather than the roots of what ails us, Corene Summers – energy healer, Reiki master, and the founder of Artisan Farmacy – wants to foster thoughts that serve us, rather than eat us alive. Putting the person over the patient, Summers’ book – Powerful Affirmations Journal – will turn your mind towards healing.

Thoughts have power. What does this mean for those trying to heal mentally and physically? Studies continue to show that treatment goes hand in hand with mindset and our capacity to change our health is influenced by our expectations and sense concerning our conditions. If this is the case, isn’t there something more we can be doing in the pursuit of our healing? In a medical environment grown bureaucratic and detached, what role can our thoughts play in our journey towards wellbeing?

We have, on average, 60,000 thoughts per day – how do we frame these so they’re actually serving us, and not hurting us in the form of stress?

Those are the big questions – Corene Summers has the transformational answers. An energy healer and Reiki master, Summers is the modern mystic with ancient wisdom that sparks metamorphosis everywhere she goes. She is the founder of Artisan Farmacy – which offers solutions for those trying to detox everything from their home to their diet.

Her book, Powerful Affirmations Journal, stands to be a life-giving companion on your path to wellness. Its initial revelation: we get to choose what thoughts we “wear.” It’s offering: over 350 powerful affirmations to master your life.

What we think creates our reality. “Most people are thinking negative thoughts,” Summers says. “Especially in today’s world: we’re over-stimulated by the fear that surrounds us in our media. Our brains are naturally geared to shift to the negative – our feelings and emotions follow.”

In the same way that Artisan Farmacy’s online store offers products to help you detox, Powerful Affirmations is a reset on the toxic thoughts that undermine our healing. Its 11 key areas of well-being provide a deep spring of affirmations for you to explore – readers will ultimately have the freedom to select those that align with the healthy, positive, and success-focused mindset they deserve.  

Summers’ impassioned and refined understanding of energy and mindset works to honour ancient and sacred knowledge by delivering its concepts in a way that meets you where you are on the path of healing.

This passion comes from her own experience – particularly a ten-year bout with Lyme disease that saw the former financial advisor discover a higher purpose as the energy healer and Reiki master she is today. “I was struggling with the treatment of western medicine, not getting a lot of help or answers and often being treated rudely,” Summers recalls of the early days of her condition. Western medicine had its place, no doubt, but she knew that there was more to her healing than prescriptions and humanity-robbed clinics.

The patient was being treated, but the person was slipping through the cracks. There had to be a better way.

In 2011, Summers traveled east, journeying through India, Nepal, Tibet, and Sri Lanka – choosing to act, learn, and transform herself in response to her ailment. During this time she volunteered at an orphanage, studied with Shamans, and discovered her gifts in the teaching of Reiki energy healing and Ayurveda.

This experience shaped a new paradigm for Summers and gave her the tools to fix the missing piece in her healing. She continued her study and launched her business full-time in 2016. In 2018, even her doctor could see the impact of her holistic approach. “She looked me straight in the face,” Summers recalls, “and said ‘what you’re doing with Eastern medicine is going to help you more than what I can help you with here.’”

Along with her coaching, courses, and Artisan Farmacy shop, Summers’ book presents the power of her experience and study in the form of tools that train your thoughts. Just as skin conditions are indicative that the body is attempting to detox an underlying issue, paths to healing can be revealed when we address what our mind is telling our bodies. 

Readers will be able to see the influence of the renowned Yoga and Ayurveda teacher Antonina Ramsey, Summers’ most influential mentor. “She has taught me so much about all of these different modalities,” Summers says, “and we’re very close – I call her mama bear. She calls me daughter.”

Summers considers Ramsey a Bodhisattva: someone who holds back their own path to enlightenment to give help to others along their journey. 
If you are ready to heal and looking for the thoughts to carry with you, you’ll find a Bodhisattva of your own in Correne Summers – through her book, Powerful Affirmations Journal.

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