Meet The Powerful Trio En Route To Transforming Billions Of Lives With Their Intuitive Healing


Close your eyes for a moment and think back to that feeling you have in your heart when you experience one of life’s many synchronicities. Perhaps you keep seeing the same numbers wherever you go, or the song you sang this morning played on the radio as soon as you turned it on. Whatever it may be, you feel centered, calm, and at home, because it’s the universe’s way of affirming that you are on the right path, and in the right place at this very moment. 

This beautiful energy exchange is something that intuitive healers Ashley Gardener, Brandie Dingman, and Fatou Pruitt experienced when they first met one another over a year ago. All three of them, hailing from different parts of the world, are united in their common mission to enlighten and heal the collective. 

Together they make up The Billionaires Triad, a divine healing organization with a global impact. They work to raise the collective vibration of the world by facilitating individual, group, home and land healings. Gardener, Dingman, and Pruitt harmonize their individual gifts to create real and meaningful change that can be felt in this reality, and beyond.

To date, the triad has partnered with some of the most prominent channels, healers and spiritual activators across the world, like Oliver Nino, manifestation and coaching experts like Mandy Morris; as well as, The Billionaire’s Wizard and meditation teacher, Daniel Raphael. We had the pleasure of speaking with the dynamic trio who shared with us their inspiring journey of connectivity, healing, and raising vibrations wherever they go. 

“We’re raising the collective vibration by releasing ancient karmic and ancestral suffering,” Dingman shares. “We also work to bridge cultural gaps of the world caused by cultural and/or socio-economic differences by using energy and the universal power of love,” she continues. 

Although she, Gardener and Pruitt embody vast and different gifts from one another, they balance each other out to make a beautiful and vibrant synchronicity. It’s hard to truly put into words the power that The Billionaires Triad constituents hold individually, let alone as a collective, yet, each of them plays a crucial role, bringing their gifts to the forefront and filling in where another may fall short. 

Gardener is The Ancestral Activator, able to guide individuals through generational blocks, releasing them from karmic ties and ancestral traumas. Dingman is The DNA Activator, using her unique abilities to unlock an individual’s spiritual DNA. Spiritual DNA equates to roughly 97% of an individual’s DNA, which largely sits dormant throughout one’s life as an untapped power, potential and purpose awareness. Pruitt is The Seer Activator, embodying an extraordinary moral and spiritual insight. She harnesses the power of Alchemy and timeline shifting to help individuals align with their desired reality and their collective power. That’s something best felt, rather than explained. They all have the ability to visualize what the future holds, as well as, see your spirit’s highest self. To date, they have channeled for approximately 5000 people from across the world and activated over 2000 people’s spiritual gifts.

“Our souls were always meant to unite,” Gardener beams, who shares that she and Dingman completed their GeoLove Healing certifications together, where they also met Pruitt as their mentor.

“You simply can’t write a better composition because we already make beautiful music together,” Dingman adds.

The powerful trio is on a mission to heal one billion souls across the globe, and their journey has already begun. They facilitated their first land healing at the Canyon of the Ancients in Dolores, United States, breathing life back into the once deserted and death-ridden land. In November, they will embark on an expedition across the world to facilitate ancient healing. Starting in Egypt, Gardener, Dingman and Pruitt will also travel to Bermuda, Greece, and Hawaii to begin, demonstrating their abilities to shift the land and its people, to heal the collective. 

“Our souls knew from the moment we met that we were going to serve humanity and facilitate these beautiful ancient healings,” Dingman says. 

“We will be visiting The Giza Plateau, Valley of the Kings, The Red Sea and The Temple of Horus in Egypt to name a few,” says Pruitt. “We will be able to activate the love frequency and channel it through the lay lines – speeding up the planet’s healing and ascension. We look forward to those who will join us on these incredible life-changing healing journeys.”

Using energy and unconditional love, the trio will facilitate an out-of-this-world experience, and they invite you to be a part of it. Their healing adventure will be documented on video, so you can watch, learn, and immerse yourself in the experience from any part of the world.

If you are interested in supporting this powerful energy exchange, or even mastering your own self-healing, be sure to introduce yourself to the triad on Instagram or their website and keep up to date with their upcoming plans, which include authoring several divine books.

“If you are a skeptic and you want to learn more because you have even a little ounce of belief that what we’re saying is true, we welcome that too,” Gardener says. “We’re here to heal everybody. We’re here to heal the world. So, wherever you are on your journey to wholeness, we will meet you right there,” she says. 

“You may have noticed that reading this article has sparked or shifted the awareness of your cells and within your being. This is an open invitation to begin your journey with The Billionaires Triad to jumpstart your spiritual healing all while anchoring in your true essence which is divine unconditional love,” concludes Pruitt. 
If you are intrigued and want to experience this powerful healing triad for yourself, then join them at their premier and one-of-a-kind virtual healing and activation event.

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