Are oranges acidic? Orange and its juice for heartburn good or bad


Oranges are the most delicious and mouth-watering of all the citrus fruits. Different regions of the world are famous for different kinds of oranges. The nutritional profile and the water content of oranges make them one of the best fruit choices.

But, Are Oranges acidic?

Yes, oranges are acidic and have a PH value between 3.7 and 4.3. Being a citrus fruit, oranges contain citric acid. But, there are different types of oranges having different PH values. Mainly oranges and their juice have a PH less than 7. This means oranges are acidic.

In this article, you will get to know the health benefits of eating oranges. Also, we will explain juice and acid reflux. So,  Let’s reveal the facts!

Why is Orange and its Juice Acidic?

The main criteria to measure the acidic or basic nature of anything is the PH scale. Anything having a PH less than 7 is acidic and more than 7 is basic.

Keeping in mind these facts, oranges have a PH of less than 7, so they are acidic. Almost all types of oranges have a low PH. But some are sweet and slightly alkaline. Those are very rare varieties.

Another reason for the acidic nature of oranges is that they have citric acid in them. Just like lemon and lime, they also have vitamin C or ascorbic acid. This ascorbic acid is responsible for the acidic nature of oranges.

PH of Orange and Orange Juice

Oranges have a PH ranging from 3 to 4. That’s the reason oranges are acidic. Also, orange juice is acidic.

The PH of store-bought orange juices varies the has a lot of additives and preservatives in them. Orange juices at grocery stores also have a lot of sugar which makes them more acidic. Also, they have artificial flavors that may change their PH.

There are more than 20 varieties of Oranges across the world. Some of them are tangy in taste, and the others are sweet and sour. The following table demonstrates the PH of different types of oranges.

Types Of oranges PH Ranges

Navel oranges 3 to 4

Cara Cara oranges 6 to 7

Seville Oranges 7 to 8

Mandarin Oranges 8 to 9

Valencia Oranges 4.3

Blood oranges 3.33 to 3.81

Tangerines 3.90

Oranges PH

PH of Oranges ranges from 3.1 to 4.8. This PH is less than 7, so oranges are acidic. Also, the presence of different types of acid in oranges makes.

Orange Juice PH

Orange juice has a PH of around 3.5. It is also acidic. But this is the pure PH of orange juice. Store-bought orange juice may have a different PH due to sugar and preservatives.

Are Oranges Bad for an Acid Reflux?

Acid reflux is a condition when there is an extra amount of acid in your stomach that comes back into the esophagus. This is more likely to happen when you consume acidic foods.

As oranges are acidic, they can trigger acid reflux. Especially, if you’re having active gastritis, eating an orange or drinking orange juice can cause acid reflux or heartburn.

But, sometimes orange juice can be good for heartburn. You might be wondering why. The answer is oranges can have an alkalizing effect after they get metabolized. But this is only true when you drink a small amount of orange juice for mild heartburn.

Why do Orange and their Juice give me Heartburn?

If you’re suffering from heartburn by eating oranges or drinking orange juice, it means you’re having active gastritis. The other reason can be that there is already an extra amount of hydrochloric acid in your stomach.

As oranges are high in citric acid and ascorbic acid, they can trigger acid reflux. Also, in case of active gastritis, you can suffer from heartburn by drinking orange juice.

Are Oranges Acidic in the Stomach?

Whether oranges are acidic or basic in the stomach depends on how much oranges or orange juice you consume. Normally, when oranges enter the stomach they are acidic.

It also depends upon what type of oranges you eat. Eating those oranges that have very low PH is acidic in the stomach. However, there are a few types of oranges that are either alkaline or slightly acidic.

Are Mandarin Oranges Acidic?

The PH of mandarin oranges ranges from 8 to 9. So, are mandarin oranges acidic or alkaline? According to the PH scale method, those foods having PH greater than 7 are alkaline. That’s the reason,  mandarin oranges are alkaline.

The alkalizing effects of mandarin oranges are very good to treat the symptoms of acidity or acid reflux. Also, if you’re having acidity or gastritis, and you still want to eat oranges, mandarin oranges are a good choice.

Are Oranges Acidic When Digested?

As soon as orange juice reaches the stomach, it gets metabolized. Oranges indeed contain acids such as citric acid and ascorbic acid but oranges are very helpful in maintaining the healthy PH of our body. They can also help neutralize the acidity in the stomach.

Lemon, lime, oranges, and all citrus fruits have an alkalizing effect once they reach the stomach. That’s the reason, oranges become alkaline once they’re digested.

Are Sweet Oranges Acidic?

Most people think that sourness is associated with acidity. They think that sweet oranges are not acidic. But that’s not always the case. Oranges are acidic no matter if they are sweet, sour, or tangy in taste.

However, the extent of acidity varies according to the taste. Those oranges that have more citric acid content are sour and hence more acidic. On the other hand, sweet oranges have less amount of citric acid so they are less acidic.

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Benefits Of Eating Oranges at Night

Night time is when you need something to snack on. Most people want to choose a healthy snack option rather than munching on chips or popcorn.

Benefits Of Eating Oranges at Night

Oranges can be one of those healthy snacks to enjoy while watching a movie at night. Here are some health benefits of eating oranges at night.


Improve Sleep

Eating Oranges at night can help you enjoy a better night’s sleep. This is because they can boost the level of serotonin hormones. Also, oranges have compounds that can reduce stress and anxiety by reducing cortisol levels in the body. Hence, they can help you sleep properly.

Strengthen Your Immune System

Oranges contain plenty of vitamin C that can help boost your immunity. Particularly, when you eat oranges at night, vitamin C can help your body repair and regenerate healthy cells. This process can prevent you from getting different diseases.

Enhance your Vision

You might have heard that having carrot juice at night can enhance your vision. But eating oranges or having orange juice at night can also boost the vitamin A levels in your body. Hence, it can prevent macular degeneration, cataract, and other eye diseases.

Improve Sexual Performance

Vitamin C and ascorbic acid in the oranges help in the motility of the sperm and also prevent diseases like Erectile dysfunction. Eating oranges at night can increase sex drive and libido, hence improving sexual performance.

Control Blood Pressure

Oranges are rich in potassium so they can control your blood pressure. Also, eating oranges at night can be healthy for your heart and prevents cardiovascular diseases.


Are Oranges acidic or alkaline?

To find the acid or basic nature of food, we must check its PH. If the PH of a certain food is less than 7, it has acidic nature. Those foods with PH greater than 7 are basic. Oranges have a PH range between 3 to 4. So, they fall in an acidic food category.

Do oranges alkalize the body?

Yes, eating a moderate amount of oranges has an excellent ability to alkalize the body. Just like lemons and limes, oranges after digestion can be converted to an alkaline state in the stomach. Hence, they can neutralize acidity and can have an alkalizing effect on the body.

Can eat oranges at night cause acid reflux?

As oranges are acidic, eating a lot of oranges at night can trigger acid reflux or heartburn. This usually occurs if you’re already suffering from gastritis or severe heartburn. In this case, you should avoid eating oranges.

Are Oranges as acidic as lemons?

Lemons have a PH of 2, while oranges have a PH between 3 and 4. So, lemons are more acidic as compared to oranges. Also, lemons have a greater amount of ascorbic acid which gives them a pretty sour taste. 

what is the best time to eat oranges?

You can eat oranges whenever you’re comfortable with eating them. There isn’t any specific time to eat oranges. However, there are a few more benefits of eating oranges at night. Also, if you want to snack on something healthy, oranges are the best choice.

Bottom Line

Are Oranges Acidic? Yes, oranges are acidic with a PH of 3 to 4. People having active gastritis or severe heartburn should avoid eating oranges.

However, there are certain health benefits of eating oranges that you can’t deny. Eating a moderate amount of oranges can be good for your health. But in case of heartburn, you must consult your doctor before eating oranges.

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