Unlocking the 6 Pillars of Wellness: A Journey with Sam Tejada and Jac Vitale


In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, losing sight of our well-being is easy. Sam Tejada, President and Founder of Liquivida, found himself at this crossroads, realizing his busy life’s toll on his health. Recognizing the importance of prioritizing his well-being, Sam embarked on “The Vida Journey,” a transformative quest to regain control of his life and vitality. Leading by example, he sought to embody the very essence of health and wellness that Liquivida stood for.

The Vida Journey: A Quest for Wellness

Sam’s Vida Journey kicked off with education, a cornerstone of wellness. Understanding our bodies and addressing their unique needs is where true transformation begins. Liquivida’s comprehensive diagnostic tools, including bloodwork, body composition analysis, and a team of licensed medical professionals, empower individuals to make informed decisions tailored to their specific health requirements.

But Sam’s quest didn’t stop there. He realized that genuine overall wellness transcends conventional methods and encompasses diverse programs and services. 

In his own words, “Health and wellness is not just about one thing. It’s not just healthy eating and exercising. Achieving true overall wellness is a culmination of programs and services to optimize your health and wellness.

The 6 Pillars of Wellness: A Collaborative Approach

Enter Jac Vitale, renowned for her fitness, nutrition, and manual therapy expertise. Jac introduced her unique 6 Pillars of Wellness Concept, designed to complement Sam’s Vida Journey. Her holistic approach provides clients with a balanced, step-by-step strategy to enhance their well-being.

Jac’s philosophy revolves around redirecting focus from the pressure of overarching goals to unlocking one’s maximum potential. Her own journey with anorexia fuels her passion for helping others develop a healthy relationship with food and exercise, emphasizing sustainability and enjoyment. “Life should be an enjoyable continuous growth and improvement process,” says Jac Vitale.

Bridging the Gap: Functional Medicine and Fitness

Recognizing the potential benefits for personal health and Liquivida’s clientele, Sam saw an opportunity for a partnership bridging the gap between functional medicine and fitness. This collaboration enhances the impact of the services provided by each entity and offers a broader range of options to optimize clients’ health and well-being.

The strategic partnership between Jac Vitale LLC and Liquivida is a win-win-win situation for both entities and their respective clients,” notes Sam. 

Liquivida’s proactive approach to health and wellness complements Vitale’s program by providing diagnostic tools to assist clients in assessing their health status. On the other hand, Jac Vitale utilizes this data to offer targeted Lifestyle Training and Nutrition Programs, in-person manual therapy and stretching, as well as virtual programs and subscriptions via the Jac Vitale App.

The Power of Knowledge and Collaboration

For Sam, education remains the driving force behind any major transformation. “By understanding what’s not functioning optimally within our bodies, we gain the intrinsic motivation required to make better decisions,” he emphasizes. 

Jac’s extensive knowledge and qualifications and Liquivida’s functional approach make them valuable information resources.

Liquivida’s approach is functional, holistic, and effective,” states Jac. “This approach leads to long-term, life-changing effects, while temporary solutions only result in more significant issues.

A Commitment to Wellness

The partnership between Liquivida and Jac Vitale LLC underscores Sam Tejada’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the wellness industry and forging strategic alliances that provide clients with the latest advancements in health and wellness. The collaboration of Jac’s 6 Pillars of Wellness concept and Liquivida’s Vida Journey offers a unique blend of services, enabling clients to address their specific needs and providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to optimal health and wellness.

Through education, personalized programs, and a team-oriented approach, Jac Vitale and Liquivida clients can unlock their maximum potential, elevate every aspect of their lives, and transform their vision of a healthier life into a reality.

Contact Information

Name: Jaclyn Vitale
Company: Jac Vitale, LLC                                                                                                  Website: jacvitale.com

Name: Samael Tejada
Company: Liquivida, a Health and Wellness Franchise
Phone: 1 (844) 548-2100
Address: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Website: www.liquivida.com


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