Tanja Subotic’s The Golden Virtue Reveals Rare Insights into How You Can Step Out Of The Darkness And Soar Into The Light


Even though we may not know it, humanity possesses an illimitable power – this is the Divine Spirit. This type of energy transcends the finite will and human mind because a higher order of physical and mental capabilities combined drives it.

The ability to transform and expand into your true purpose can be an accelerated triumph. But getting to that place in mind isn’t always easy.

You see, life happens – the unexpected. And when damage occurs emotionally, mentally, and physically to you – it always leaves a mark. However, underneath the scars lie the dormant Divine, waiting for its moment to shine. And all it takes is awakening through the Divine spark within {the self} to connect to our infinite.

So, for winged angels who have ever suffered from disease and discord. For those who are simply seeking their purpose or avidly trying to express the creative energy of their current trapped soul. Take a seat.

At first, it was pain. Then an explosion of flames before the ash finally gave way to a renewed version of Tanja Subotic. Like the phoenix rising, it was at this moment that the entrepreneur and creative released her former self with love and stepped into a rebirthed and rejuvenated version of a healer.

And now, after enduring insufferable pain to regain her inner power, Subotic aims to inspire anyone longing to begin a new chapter in this awakening journey we call life. It’s time to step out of the darkness and soar with the wings of the light.

“Along this journey, I have become enriched with multiple techniques and knowledge to unfold the fullest potential in cultivating a life of balance and harmony that continues to unfold inner essence to create them,” explains Subotic.

Tanja Subotic, the self-professed intuitive conduit of Divine Wisdom, writer, storyteller, and entrepreneur, is gearing up for a life-changing read. For over a decade, she has been dedicated to unfolding a conscious path reaching for the light to unveil a greater understanding of truth and cultivating the wisdom to heal from multiple uncertainties.

Entitled The Golden Virtue, this modern-day pilgrimage promises to fulfill her labor of love by sharing messages of the Divine Spirit through creative storytelling to illuminate and inspire beauty within the soul of humanity to unite as one collective.

She continues, “upon the rekindling of my divinity, latent creative energies awakened an unveiling of deeply profound revelations that have inspired the writings of Divine Wisdom — uncovered in the narratives of love, beauty, and truth.”

Alongside her first manuscript of The Golden Virtue lies multiple stories that are seen as woven treasures of wisdom guided by spirit to share in teachings. This, along with short narratives and videos to inspire humanity to their illumination, is also underway.

As you open up the guide, expect to unearth a telling story of Ysabel Meyer and her family, who provide you with a roadmap of tools that are innate within us that we can tap into. Here readers will discover the awakenings of the Divine truth brought to light by the protagonist’s son as she tackles the struggles with Lyme disease, cancer, and more.

“I didn’t even know that there was something grander than just this physical mess that was living inside,” shares Subotic. “I felt imprisoned within this vessel and had lost control over all governance.”

Until one day, a little light shone brightly on this dark corner. And after listening to her son’s words, the dormant energy within began to sparkle and ignited.

“It was just this huge awakening to the fact that our entire lives are in-sync with golden synchronicities – that guided by the Divine, the spirit within if we will it to be and tune in,” explains Subotic.

These insights rooted within the book aim to fuel humanity on how to evolve and expand this light into their highest version of themselves.

“The greatest gift of life is wisdom as in wisdom truth is found. When we live in truth, guided by the Divine, we are on the path of light, embodied with love, emanating Spirit,” expresses Subotic.

We, as humanity, are here as a collective to continue the story of creation as creators. There is no greater power than the Divine, and in the light of this sacred relationship, only good can be seeded as the expressions of the love of the soul.

So, there is no time to wait for something great to happen because your greatness is already there. It has always been planted within you – so watch it grow.

Can you feel the light? With this read, you are guaranteed to welcome it back in with open arms.

“As soon as I tuned into the light, I started listening to these synchronicities, and it was literally like a sacred doctoring of my entire path. Very quickly, my essence began to unfold, and I began to blossom, and my external life illustrated the light within,” says Subotic.

To find out precisely what these dreams were, stay tuned for the release date of the creative mogul Tanja Subotic’s groundbreaking read to be awakened, inspired, and moved by the traveling current of time.

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