The Guru Behind Med Tech Gurus: Tom Hickey Celebrating 200 Episodes of Medical Innovation


In a burgeoning field of med-tech-focused podcasts, Med Tech Gurus remains a distinguished voice. As we ring in the 200th episode of Med Tech Gurus, it’s high time to shed some light on the man and the journey that has reshaped the medical device industry’s discourse: Tom Hickey.


Three and a half years ago, Hickey identified a gap in the podcasting landscape. In a sea of sales and entrepreneurship podcasts, there wasn’t much chatter about medical technology. Armed with a vision to help medical device executives stay informed and share his expertise in a meaningful way, he launched Med Tech Gurus, filling a void that had long been overlooked.


With over four decades of experience in the Med Tech sector, Hickey brings a treasure trove of knowledge and expertise to the table—or rather, the virtual Zoom meeting room. Throughout his career, he has worked closely with Group Purchasing Organizations and manufacturers, bearing witness to over 500 groundbreaking robotic surgeries. However, it’s not just his proficiency that sets him apart; it’s his unique approach to sharing information. Hickey’s focus extends beyond technological advancements; he appreciates the individuals propelling these innovations forward.


Hickey guides aspiring entrepreneurs toward cultivating an innovation-centric culture. He believes that there is much to be learned from clinicians, whom he dubs ‘intellectual athletes,’ a term inspired by their insatiable curiosity, unwavering commitment, and unyielding drive.


With captivating episodes featuring industry leaders, ambitious early-stage entrepreneurs, seasoned investment advisors, and visionary CEOs, Hickey provides listeners with a comprehensive understanding of the ever-evolving med-tech sector.


Instead of commercializing the podcast, Hickey has chosen to utilize “Med Tech Gurus” as a tool for professional outreach and an opportunity to forge strong industry connections.


Despite operating within a niche market, “Med Tech Gurus” has captured a global audience. For Hickey, the true measure of success lies not in sheer download numbers, but in the delivery of top-notch content and reliable information. “I’m never going to be a Joe Rogan, because Med Tech is such a niche,” Hickey says, “but hearing from people all around the world who need this information is the ultimate reward.”


Creating a show of this magnitude isn’t a solo mission. MC Sylvester Harris lends his voice to the mix, Jason Camps of Just Launch Media brings his editing and producing prowess, and Julia Donagrandi of HQ Design Hub creates captivating graphics. This synergetic team has produced a resource that’s an enjoyable and invaluable part of the med-tech industry’s discourse.


Here are some of Hickey’s favorite episodes for you to enjoy!


Greatest Hits:

Episode # 189: Gabriel Jones CEO of Proprio “ Be An Impatient Optimist”

Episode $ 164: James Foster CEO of Virax Biolabs”In Every Crisis There Is An Opportunity”

Episode # 131: Paul Cataford CEO of Titan Medical A Value Based Approach

Episode # 129:  Anthony Fernando CEO of Asensus Surgical “Building The Future of Surgery “

Episode # 113: Waqass Al-Siddiq CEO of Biotricity “It’s About The Touch Points”

Episode # 95:  Charles Fisher CEO of Athelon Medical  “If You Want Something, Go Build It”


Tom Hickey’s approach, rooted in authenticity, quality, and passion, has propelled him to great success in the digital era. It’s all about providing information and fostering innovation – here’s to doing that and so much more in the next 200 episodes.

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