Liquivida® Founder & CEO, Sam Tejada, achieves Amazon Bestseller with ‘How to Win in Modern Wellness’


In the ever-evolving landscape of wellness and healthcare, one book has recently captured the attention of readers and industry professionals alike. “How To Win In Modern Wellness” by Sam Tejada, President & Founder of Liquivida, has achieved a remarkable feat by securing the #1 spot on Amazon’s bestseller list across categories including Alternative Therapies, Healthy Living, and Alternative & Holistic Medicine. This achievement not only speaks to the book’s popularity but also underscores its significance as a catalyst for change within the healthcare landscape.

At its core, “How To Win In Modern Wellness” is an educational and inspirational guide, offering practical insights and visionary perspectives on reshaping healthcare for the better. Through engaging interviews with industry executives, Tejada explores the industry of preventive treatments and holistic modalities, articulating a compelling vision for a healthcare system that prioritizes prevention, holistic well-being, and proactive health promotion.

What sets this book apart is its collaborative spirit. As founder of the Liquivida franchise, Tejada recognizes that true transformation requires the collective efforts of industry leaders, including what some might consider his competitors. By reaching out and forming alliances with fellow trailblazers in the wellness space, Tejada has sparked meaningful dialogue, shared visions, and collective action towards a common goal: revolutionizing healthcare for the benefit of all.

The significance of “How To Win In Modern Wellness” extends beyond commercial success. The book’s #1 ranking on Amazon reflects a broader cultural shift towards prioritizing holistic well-being and preventive healthcare. The growing demand for a new approach to healthcare resonates with medical professionals, entrepreneurs, and consumers alike. As readers engage with its contents, they become part of a movement aimed at redefining the role of healthcare in society and empowering individuals to lead healthier lives.

Ultimately, the success of “How To Win In Modern Wellness” underscores the growing demand for actionable insights and solutions in the field of wellness. By shedding light on innovative approaches to health and wellness, Tejada’s book is a valuable resource, particularly for medical professionals who are “tired of sick care” and seeking insight into the world of functional medicine.

How To Win in Modern Wellness advocates for a paradigm shift from conventional sick-care towards a more proactive approach centered on well-care. As readers continue to embrace its message and principles, the book stands poised to spark further dialogue and drive meaningful change in the pursuit of well-care for all.


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