Introducing BareOrganics Herbal Liquid Drops: Now At BIOVEA!


We are very pleased to announce that BareOrganics NEW Herbal Liquid Drops are now available at!

A Few Drops A Day Brings Wellness Your Way

BareOrganics strives to deliver simple, wholesome wellness support without compromising on quality. They believe in the power of what nature has to offer for health in its purest form. These liquid drop formulas incorporate some of the world’s most respected herbal ingredients, without adding anything artificial.

BareOrganics Herbal Liquid Drops are available in a compact vial and do not need to be refrigerated, making them ideal for those with active, busy lifestyles. Just take one dropperful one to three times per day — however is most convenient! You can add the liquid drops into water, juice, tea or enjoy them by themselves.

Introducing the BareOrganics Herbal Liquid Drops Range

BareOrganics’ handcrafted blends combine complementary herbs for optimal support while their single ingredient liquid drops offer their most potent herbal extracts on their own for targeted natural wellness support with one simple ingredient.

Their high-quality Herbal Liquid Drops are available in 6 convenient categories:

Stress Less

Calm your mind and stress less with Calming Liquid Drops and Ashwagandha Liquid Drops which deliver organic ingredients including Cordyceps and Holy Basil to help support a healthy response to occasional stress.

Power Your Immunity

Power Your Immunity with single ingredient Elderberry and Oregano Leaf Liquid Drops, which deliver naturally occurring antioxidants to boost the body’s natural defenses for immunity support.

Sleep Well

Help quiet your mind and Sleep Well, with formulas including Sweet Dreams Liquid Drops with Valerian, Chamomile, Passionflower and more, as well as pure Valerian Liquid Drops for a good night’s rest.

Detox & Digestion

Support the body’s internal cleansing processes with our blends including Digestive Care formulated with Fennel, Ginger, Licorice and more, or our single ingredient Milk Thistle Liquid Drops for liver detox support.

Daily Energy

Get up and go with our Daily Energy liquid drops including Adrenal Recharge, crafted with Maca, Schisandra, Ginger and more, or single ingredient Licorice Liquid Drops which also offers adrenal system support for natural energy.

Master Your Mind

Master Your Mind with Clear Mind Liquid Drops formulated with Ginkgo, Green Tea and more, or single ingredient Ginkgo Liquid Drops to support a calm mind and normal cognitive function.

BIOVEA & BareOrganics

We’re proud to offer you these innovative, high-quality products that deliver targeted natural wellness support. Explore BareOrganics herbal liquid drops, juices, powders, and brew cups online at BIOVEA, or find the retailer nearest you!

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