How to Get an Effective Workout at Home


Has the coziness of your home ever deterred you from heading out to the gym? During colder weather, our natural instincts might kick in and convince us that we don’t want to go outside and leave our Is it possible to get in a good, effective workout without leaving the comfort of your own home?

According to fitness professionals, it’s possible to get in a good workout anywhere, you just need to get moving. Any kind of movement is always going to be more beneficial than not moving at all.

Potential Limitations

When people think about working out at home, they unfairly compare their living space to their local gym. Of course, the gym is going to have far more equipment and space to encourage moving of any kind whether that’s running on a treadmill or working your muscles at a bench press.

People often dismiss at-home workouts for this reason alone, but all they really need is a space the size of a yoga mat that allows your body to move in all different planes of motion. You don’t even need shoes to workout indoors if you don’t want to.

Even if you don’t know how to program a routine, that’s not an issue either. There are thousands of videos online from professional trainers around the world that you can borrow routines from, and after time, maybe you’ll combine a few to create your own routine!

Sample Workouts

You might be wondering if there are specific workouts that should be reserved for home rather than the gym. The answer? No!

Standard fundamental movements like pushups, squats, lunges and even jumping jacks are all you really need. Moving with intention is the most important thing. You don’t need to do anything fancy.

If you’re willing to invest in equipment, experts recommend having a small collection of dumbbells ranging in weights from 5 pounds to 15 pounds, a TRX, a yoga mat and a set of resistance bands, which allow for some resistance, suspension and cushion for moving. If you prefer running … there’s always the neighborhood and all that’s required for that is a good pair of running shoes.

Support Your Workout

Whether you prefer working out at home or the gym, its important that you prepare your body with the necessary nutrients it needs to perform at the optimal level. Explore BIOVEA’s selection of pre-workout powders and supplements to support your next workout.

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