Expert in Hypnotherapy: Helen Pleic’s Ability to Help You Heal From Within


Founder of Your Liberated Mind, Helen Pleic, has perfected her craft at helping others heal through the work of hypnotherapy. Find out Pleic’s advice on how people can resolve trauma by focusing on confusion instead to understand and heal with permanent results.

In recent years, hypnotherapy has become an increasingly more popular form of therapy among the population as more scientific data has become available validating the effectiveness and safety of the practice. Helen Pleic, the founder of Your Liberated Mind, has over 20 years of knowledge and experience with people in business and has over the past couple of years used hypnotherapy to perfect her craft and offer in service to other people. 

One particular method Pleic uses is the Rapid Transformational Therapy technique, which is a two hour session in which the primary tool is to take the person back to three events in their life that are highly correlated to causing the problem they are dealing with in the present. Her goal is to identify the present feeling or experience in the past of the person, which often most likely stems from their childhood. 

Rapid Transformational Therapy is an interactive hypnosis that takes the person on a journey through their past experiences that the problems are stemming from. “The best healing happens when you go back and you validate that experience from that child’s point of view,” Pleic explains. “It is a way for people to express any emotions and mental anguish that they weren’t able to at the time those events happened.” 

From there, Pleic creates a motivating audio recording from the insights for the client to listen to, ideally for 30-40 days consecutively, in order to effectively reinforce new optimal ways of thinking and being into the person’s mind. Through listening to the audio recording, which is a meditation, several days in a row, clients report they are calmer, sleep better and have information reaching a deeper part of them where the emotional problem or challenge was that people face.

However, Pleic emphasizes that her main goal with clients is to help them achieve a life that they desire without having to go back and repeat the same trauma cycle constantly or be held back by it. In her thoughts, she hopes that everyone who is in the process of improving themselves can get to walk away from sessions understanding that their past problems no longer need to impact their life, and she stresses the importance of changing trauma into confusion, as people typically are more open to speaking about confusion. “My approach is to get the baggage gone first and to see where the person naturally resets themselves. From there, it moves into coaching and skills development, but once the problem is gone, the person will naturally enjoy their life more as it is, or set themselves greater goals to achieve,” Pleic says. 

Achieving permanent results with the right techniques and therapy for a person is extremely possible for anyone who is willing to open their mind to it. “You can get rid of the negative thoughts in a permanent and sustainable way. There is not a question of if it will happen, only a matter of when it will happen,” she states, “I think society’s obsession with happiness needs to be replaced with fulfillment, because happiness in itself is a practice, it is not the end destination. Most people react and your emotions are your insight into you.”

Pleic also incorporates a change of language and word choices into her teachings through Neuro Linguistic Training, understanding that positivity in word selection trains your mind to think those positive thoughts naturally. For those interested in this topic, Pleic spoke more on The Power of Constructive Language Podcast about the importance of kinder language towards one’s self.

Coaching through hypnotherapy was not Pleic’s original career path. After achieving large success as a businesswoman, she discovered her true passion was to assist other people to work through their trauma using her own experiences with therapy and hypnotherapy.

Pleic also has an app coming out in the near future which allows for users to experience hypnosis from wherever they please. She urges future users of the app to show up for 40 days with it and to pick an area they want to focus on in their life and stick to it. 

Getting to help others through their own traumas and struggles has taught Pleic a great deal about her own life, and she shares how grateful she is to get to experience this as her job. Seeing the difference firsthand that she is able to make in other people’s lives through her practice is rewarding. “This entire process has taught me how to manage my energy and my relationships,” she says, “It made me aware of how the past shows up in subtle ways, and how I can express myself in a constructive way that will nurture the relationships I want to grow and develop.” 

“I think society’s obsession with happiness needs to be replaced with fulfillment, because happiness in itself is a practice, it is not the end destination. Most people react and your emotions are your insight into you.”

For more information and access to other resources, visit Helen Pleic’s Instagram and Linkedin.

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