Your Weekly Astrology Forecast, January 30–February 5: An Auspicious Time


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The new moon in Aquarius early in the week—our second new moon of January—helps us turn the page to February. New moons always embrace potential, and this one brings a mellow beat and an auspicious air. Coupled with Mercury transitioning out of retrograde later in the week, we are invited to begin again.

The energies supporting us this week are freeing us from resistance, releasing our long-held fears of change, and allowing us to feel safe as we reorient to the unknown. We are emerging from and contemplating all we have learned in recent weeks and years. Let the details fill themselves in. Let the next step reveal itself. A leap of faith may be calling. May being brave become our everyday purpose.

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The influence of the new moon

Each change in the moon cycle is an invitation to reevaluate. The new moon takes away the light of reflection and draws your awareness, in the darkness, back to yourself. Aquarian energy assists with awareness—who you are, what you want. Where is your energy—mentally, physically, and emotionally? Call it back to you. How you use your energy right now is vital. Stay self-aware. Less is more.

We are learning to live without so much pressure. As we let go of the worry or concerns of what others think about us, and how we feel we must perform in our lives, we find acceptance with who we are now. Welcome a smarter—not harder—version of your life. Let it all fall away without fear or worry. What stirs up your passions? Unexpressed and untamed energy turns desire into the ruler of the game. Only you know through your heart what you have to do. Wisdom is found in our hearts, not our minds. There are pivotal moments that make our hearts open and remind us of better days. Moments that shake us awake, stir up forgiveness, and reset our heart’s compass to love and be loved. What is the imprint you want to leave on the people in your life? Love more.

For today, you need wisdom; for tomorrow, you need faith. Live in a way that’s worthy of your life. Be in the here and now. It takes courage to receive. Flow, not force. That is the way. Everything as it is. The Red Hot Chili Peppers summed it well:

Today Love smiled on me
He took away my pain, said, “Please
I’ll let your ride be free
Ya gotta let it be Oh yeah

Where I go, I just don’t know
I got to, gotta, gotta take it slow
When I find my peace of mind
I’m gonna give ya some of my good time

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Mercury retrograde medicine

Mercury is released from its retrograde cycle and turns direct on February 3. The planet of communication also governs self-talk. When the planet appears to reverse its course, it invites you to revisit your words. The end of a retrograde cycle can bring truth to light, an opening for your heart. Choose heartfelt thoughts over the hardness of your head. Mercury teaches your inner and outer voices to connect in conscious communication. It encourages you to get more and more woke. No more living with the lights out. No more bargaining with the shadows. This week is medicine for your ajna (third eye) chakra as well as your anahata (heart) chakra.

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How to navigate your astrology forecast this week

Everything is as easy as you make it out to be. If you believe in the way of struggle, more struggle is sure to come. If you see the beauty, it will begin to multiply more beauty. Life is as true as you allow it to be. I lean on Jerry Garcia to speak the truth. “Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.”

Move out of the dark cycles, step past the self-imposed obstacles, break the habits and negative beliefs. Defining yourself by your past limits your present and future. Release the space of infinite destruction. The road to loving yourself isn’t a short or quick journey. Turn in your old survival tools for power tools. See your strengths. There is no one like you. You alone are enough.

Self-discipline is required, though. Make choices that liberate you. Love all the pieces of you. Let that energy move freely through the body. Quiet the mind to open the heart, bring it balance. Let it out. Cry, scream, laugh, share, sing. Clear your throat, clear your chest, clear your mind.

Intention: Take a moment. Get into a comfortable space with your body. Take a long inhale, hold that breath at the top, purse your lips, and then take a long sigh out. Repeat three times. If it feels safe, close your eyes. Let your breath lead you. Take the pressure off yourself. Just connect through your breath. When you are ready, take your left hand on your heart and your right hand on top. Ask yourself, “What can I give, what can I receive?” Then listen and let your heart lead you. Direct your heart to a space of understanding. Understand it so you can heal it. When you are attuned to love, you can utter small repeated thank yous for all you have now.

Affirmation: I am in a time of deep and deliberate creation. My thoughts, feelings, and beliefs make my world.

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