Yogi Flight School’s Nathania Stambouli Shares What Standing On Your Hands Will Teach You About Life


Arm balances and inversions are a gateway to transforming your life. Why? Because they teach you about how you see yourself in the world and invite you to change what you believe you are capable of – forever. They invite you to sharpen your mind, face your fears, strengthen your body and build inner resilience by tapping into your true potential. ARE YOU READY?

You flew, balanced, and fell, but also laughed. If you want to get to the next level through learning the fine intricacies of arm balances and inversions, keep reading.

Before you grab a mat, it’s essential to know that yoga comes in many different styles, but generally speaking, it involves stretching and meditation. Not all yoga practices require us to be still in a place of ‘Zen,’ some involve a lot of movement. 

Arm balances and inversions build strength, shift energy, and, most notably, add adventure to any yoga practice. If you think the image above looks ‘impossible,’ think again. Anyone with willpower and determination can achieve what they set out to do if they choose to let go of limiting beliefs. 

You see, something changes within you when your feet leave the ground, and you find yourself with your heart over your head as you balance in a crow, flying pigeon pose, or even a handstand. Not only do we learn to develop core strength and body control, but it becomes a powerful tool for self-confidence and empowerment. 

Despite what you may have read, arm balances and inversions are not just about strength and flexibility, but mostly about your mindset and mechanics. 

Here are five more reasons why you need arm balances and inversions in your life right now:

Learn To Face Your Fears And Insecurities 

Arm balances and inversions may seem intimidating initially, but once you understand how they work, they open up a new world of possibilities not just for your body, but for your mind. 

Tackling poses on the yoga mat that bring up fear and insecurities teaches you to break through those same fears and insecurities in your lives off the mat. 

Through arm balances and inversions, you get to train your mind to embrace fear and discover what happens when you make it to the other side stronger and more capable than ever. 

Change Your Perspective On Life

Being upside down is fun. It’s the feeling of being a kid again, standing on your head or hands. It teaches you to see the world from an entirely new perspective. 

This is important because it teaches you that the way you see the world isn’t FACT. You see the world from your history, your experiences and your past. When you learn to literally flip your body upside down and turn something that used to be impossible into something you do every day, you realize that the stories from your past that have held you back your entire life are just that — stories, not fact.

And if the stories you’ve been telling yourself aren’t true, then what else might be possible for your life that you had written off? How far could you go if you were able to see yourself, your history and your capabilities from a different angle?

Build Up Your Resilience And Bounce Back From Challenging Experiences

Learning to stand upside down and on your hands requires you to let go of what you think you can and cannot do and stay open to the possibilities. It requires commitment and a sense of humor. 

How you do one thing is how you do everything. How you face your fears and physical challenges on the yoga mat mirrors how you handle challenges and anxiety in your life. 

Being able to persevere and keep going despite the inevitable face-plants that await you when you start to learn to stand on your hands increases your ability to cope with tough times or moments that make you feel like you’ve fallen on your face in life.

Soaring into an arm balance or inversion requires you to trust yourself. And once you trust yourself to physically hold up your entire body weight, you trust yourself everywhere. You learn to listen to your gut. You learn that no matter what throws you off balance, you’ve ALWAYS got your own back.

Training yourself to be okay with falling and getting back up again on your yoga mat without making up stories that you aren’t good enough, bleeds into the rest of your life.

You find yourself falling and getting back up again from life’s challenges with more ease and more confidence.

Build Self Compassion 

Your thoughts create your reality. What you believe to be true about yourself, is what you create all around you. It can be tough to not get what you want or achieve something you’re working hard at. Negative self-talk kicks in and we go down the spiral of “see? I told you I’m not good enough.”

Arm balances and inversions teach you to shift that inner dialogue from one of “I can’t,” to one of “I am learning, and if I commit, anything is possible.” They teach you patience, kindness, and letting go of self-criticism. 

The most significant way to transform how you show up for yourself is to surround yourself with people who lift you up and remind you of how powerful you are.

Set Yourself Free

The practice of breaking through your fears and limiting beliefs by continuously showing up for yourself is powerful. Why? Because it sets you free. 

When you start to realize that you’re capable of anything, the sense of freedom you experience is second to none. If you can defy gravity and do what you once considered impossible, what else were you wrong about? And how does that realization set you free?

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Believe in yourself and know that the only thing holding you back from achieving ANYTHING you want in your life are the stories you tell yourself. Once you conquer those stories and forge a new path of possibility, you’ll fly not just on your mat, but in your life too. 

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