Legendary Lee Holden’s Athletic Journey To Becoming A Master Qi Gong Expert

Before becoming a renowned Qi Gong Master and teacher, Lee Holden's path was shaped by his passion for movement. One example was soccer, which he played as a student at UC Berkeley. But when an unexpected injury nearly ended his athletic career, a Qi Gong practitioner's healing power inspired him to learn more. Today, Holden is an internationally known instructor who continues transforming lives with this ancient wisdom.


To practice Qi, a word meaning vital energy, one must learn the power of energy cultivation, where enhancing, strengthening, and circulating your flow is set to propel, harmonize, and heal your body, mind, and soul.


However, to access the force that animates us from within, we must first become aware of its presence and allow ourselves to experience its flow.


“Even though I have been training for over 30 years, there is still so much nuance in Qi Gong – it expresses itself through our lives in myriad ways,” shares author, CEO, and founder of Holden Qi Gong, Lee Holden. “It has changed me in ways I can’t even imagine. Listen to your Qi; it will guide you in leading an elevated, inspired life.”


As a renowned Qi Gong Master, Holden is known worldwide for his expertise in teaching the principles of a millennia-old system – a practice with roots in Chinese medicine, philosophy, and martial arts.


“When you teach something, you learn it deeper,” he shares. “So when I consider how to impart Qi Gong’s ancient wisdom from the Chinese mountains to desk sitters, professional athletes, or those in the arts, I wondered how I could make it relevant to today’s modern world?” 


Drawing on his experience as an athlete and his deep understanding of the body-mind connection, Holden developed a teaching style that was both gentle and empowering. Now, his holistic Qi Gong approach has since guided millions of students through movement, breathing, and meditation toward greater health, balance, and vitality.


For those reading this who may recognize the author of 7 Minutes of Magic from afar, it may appear that Lee Holden was simply born an expert in the art. However, he has had an innate awareness of Qi since he was young.


In fact, his athletic journey was not without its challenges. Like many athletes, he faced setbacks and obstacles, including injuries and moments of doubt. Yet, during these challenging times, he discovered Qi Gong’s profound healing power.


One example of this stems from his student days at the University of California, Berkeley. 


“When I was in college, I played soccer at UC Berkeley and suffered a serious injury, which left me unable to walk,” writes Holden. “With a broken tailbone, I had to see several doctors and ended up trying different methods that didn’t work. Finally, I was introduced to Qi Gong by my acupuncture doctor, which became a powerful part of my recovery. After a few weeks of sessions, I fully recovered, which allowed me to return.” 


With a newfound fascination for Qi Gong’s positive effects on his physical and mental well-being, it’s no surprise Holden delved deeper into the study and embarked on a mission to demystify the practice. For example, one way he hoped to achieve this was by making it accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels. 


Along his journey to becoming a top-tier teacher, further fascinating encounters began to flourish, which, little did he know, would lead Holden closer to his destiny.


“I remember this one university class that I was in. It was ‘the psychology of human personality,’’ he smiles. “The teacher reading through the textbook at the time was so dull I decided to ditch class and check out this spiritual bookstore on Telegraph Ave in downtown Berkeley. I found some books by Mantak Chia which looked at transforming negative emotions into positive ones. I learned more browsing in the bookstore about emotions than I did in that lecture! ”


“After purchasing the book, I saw a flyer for Mantak Chia’s workshop. Fast forward, and I ended up working and training with him for a few years during college. And then, when I graduated, I asked him if I could work for him.  He hired me on the spot and I spent the next four months in Thailand working on his books as a ghost writer.”  

His true Qi Gong calling was born in these moments – a phenomenon that catalyzed his healing arts businesses, individual life, and more.


“The big thing about our early success was that I could make the exercises and the practices accessible. It took the esoteric feeling out of the practices and made it more mainstream,” shares Holden. 


He continues, “It didn’t have to be a grandma in the park at 05:00 a.m. – it could be anytime. You didn’t have to change clothes, put on your spandex, or get your yoga mat out – you could do this workout  in jeans and a t-shirt and do a practice that will help clear stress and recharge your energy system.”


Although his courses, including 5 Elements, 3 Treasures, Tao Yin, and television programs like PBS’ Your Fountain Of Youth, continue to uplift and empower countless individuals on their journey toward optimal health and well-being, Holden’s legacy is not defined solely by his online endeavors. 


Instead, Master Lee Holden’s name is on the map thanks to his enduring commitment to helping others unlock their full potential.  


“In the end, your body has tremendous energy, and when we can get out of stress and back into ourselves and in relaxation mode, there’s an innate healing power that will kick in,” he concludes.


For anyone longing to improve their physical fitness, achieve a deeper sense of calm, or relieve tension and stress, follow Lee Holden’s QiGong journey to awakening your dormant true self.


It’s time to “create long-lasting physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health,” once and for all.

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