Laura Widney of Soaak Technologies: Elevate Your Being with Mindful Frequencies


In a recent podcast interview with Jennifer Norman of The Human Beauty Movement Podcast Laura Widney, the Co-founder of Soaak Technologies, shared the profound impact her company is making in the world of mindful frequencies and intention-setting. Soaak is not just about frequencies; it’s a holistic approach to resetting your thought process and empowering individuals to live intentionally and positively.

“Soaak is so much more than just frequencies,” Laura emphasizes. “We have mindful intentions, we have affirmations, we have 21-day programs. We have all of these things that help reset your thought process. So it’s not just sound, although thoughts and words, affirmations, those are also frequencies. So everything is a frequency, but frequencies come in different forms.”

This unique perspective on frequencies as diverse forms of empowerment sets Soaak apart from the rest. With Soaak, individuals can immerse themselves in a variety of these empowering forms, all aimed at promoting positivity and intentionality.

One of the standout features of the Soaak App is its daily mindful intentions. These intentions are designed to serve as a daily reminder to speak positive affirmations over oneself, to infuse life with purpose, and to set intentions that align with a fulfilling life journey.

Laura elaborates, “Speak life into yourself every day and set your intention that life is going to go your way and it’s going to be good for you and not just let life take you down the river of you don’t know what’s going on and it just happens, you know?”

Soaak is the guiding force that empowers individuals to take control of their narrative, fostering a proactive mindset rather than allowing life’s currents to dictate their direction. By reminding users of their inherent power daily, Soaak helps them stay on the path to success, positivity, and self-fulfillment.

So, what makes Soaak truly special?

It’s the fusion of science, technology, and mindfulness that distinguishes this company. Laura Widney and her team have combined their expertise to create a platform that harnesses the power of frequencies in all their forms, ensuring that individuals can find the right tools to uplift their lives.

In a world filled with noise and distractions, Soaak offers a sanctuary for those seeking a more meaningful existence. It’s a place where sound, intention, and positivity converge to create a harmonious life journey.

As Laura Widney concludes, “Soaak is there to remind you daily how powerful you are.”

Soaak Technologies, under the visionary leadership of Laura Widney, offers a transformative approach to mindful frequencies and intention-setting. With a diverse range of empowering forms, including daily mindful intentions, the Soaak App empowers individuals to lead a life filled with positivity, intentionality, and the recognition of their immense power. Soaak Technologies is the future of mindful living, helping people reset their thought processes and set sail on a journey of self-fulfillment and empowerment. This commitment to empowering individuals aligns seamlessly with the ethos of RenuYou clinics, recently acquired by Soaak Technologies, which focuses on holistic well-being and transformation.

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