Health and Wellness Supply and Demand: IV On Command and Liquivida’s Transformative Partnership 


In the dynamic world of health and wellness, innovation and collaboration often pave the way for transformative change. One such collaboration that is making waves is the strategic partnership between IV On Command (IVOC) and Liquivida, reshaping the wellness landscape and bringing high-quality IV therapy to Miami and beyond.

Unlocking Wellness at Your Doorstep

IV On Command (IVOC) is not your ordinary wellness service; it’s a mobile concierge service specializing in IV vitamin therapy and hydration. Founded by registered nurses and sisters Natasha and Amanda Nikic, IVOC is on a mission to bring personalized care and convenience to residents and visitors in Miami. They deliver services to homes, offices, and take concierge to another level by accommodating clients on their boats, at hotels, on beaches, and at clubs and events.

With Natasha’s corporate career in the medical device industry and Amanda’s dedication to holistic medicine as the catalyst, IVOC embodies the passion of the Nikic sisters to enhance people’s health and wellness outside of traditional healthcare settings. 

The Power of Partnership: IVOC and Liquivida

IVOC’s strategic partnership with Liquivida. a well-established brand and the leading distributor of IV Kits and Packets nationwide, has propelled them to forefront of mobile IV therapy in the Miami area. The partnership with Liquivida allows IVOC to standardize treatments, enhance safety, and reduce liability. 

Natasha Nikic attests, “Using Liquivida IV kits and packets has been a game changer. They are a critical component in enabling the growth and scaling of our business. The single-dose vials in the Liquivida kits eliminate the need for calculations and withdrawals, ensuring accurate and efficient treatments.

IV Drips: A Path to Optimal Health

Intravenous therapy offers a more efficient way for the body to receive essential nutrients. IV drips provide anti-aging properties, detoxification, energy boosts, assist with cellular repair, support the immune system and enhance overall well-being. 


Amanda Nikic’s discovery of the transformative effects of IV therapy inspired her to share these advantages with others. “It was a transformative moment when I discovered my true passion in health and wellness, specifically through my work at an IV clinic. Engaging in the realm of preventative health opened up a whole new world. I finally found the missing puzzle piece that resonated with my soul and brought me immense professional fulfillment.” 

Liquivida is committed to offering the highest quality IV vitamin therapy products. Their IV Kits and packets are preservative-free and are manufactured in a 503B compounding pharmacy, which are tightly regulated at the federal level by the FDA. 

Sam Tejada, CEO of Liquivida, emphasizes their mission: “Everyone wants to live a vibrant and healthy life. At Liquivida, a proactive approach is the best way to achieve optimal health. We are on a mission to provide medical professionals with access to the best IV vitamin therapy products so their patients can get healthy from the inside out and live their best lives. Partnering with IVOC allows us to reach a broader audience and provide high-quality supplements.

Some of the IV therapy solutions offered by Liquivida

  • Fountain of Youth IV Kit: Unlock Radiant Beauty from Within

Experience the Secret to Healthier Skin, Hair, and Nails.

  • Natural Defense IV Kit: Fortify Your Body’s Shield

A Potent Immune System Booster for Rapid Recovery from Airborne Threats.

  • Rise and Shine IV Kit: Banish Hangover Blues

Your Key to Headache Relief and Boundless Energy.

  • The Executive IV Kit: Elevate Your Mind

Unleash Mental Clarity and Focus Beyond Office Hours.

  • Glutathione IV Kit: Illuminate Your Inner Glow

Empower Your Cells, Slow the Sands of Time and Radiate Health.

  • Vitamin C IV Kit: Supercharge Your Immunity

Unlock the Secret to Skin that Glows with Vibrant Health.

Seamless Access to Wellness

Today, with the increased recognition of the benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy, Liquivida Drips, and IV On Command’s mobile IV therapy service are reshaping the high-end wellness landscape in Miami. IVOC caters to Miami’s performers, music lovers, and festival-goers with a web-based scheduling system that allows clients to obtain on-site IV therapy and access the benefits of Liquivida IV Drips. 

By leveraging Liquivida’s IV Kits and Packets, IVOC can cater to a diverse clientele in pursuit of wellness and peak performance.

A Vision for the Future

This strategic partnership between IVOC and Liquivida represents a unique and collaborative approach to preventative health and wellness. With Liquivida as the leading distributor of the highest quality IV Kits and packets nationwide, IVOC is leading the charge in the on-demand and mobile IV therapy industry. Natasha and Amanda envision a future where IVOC, alongside Liquivida, becomes a recognized national lifestyle brand dedicated to transforming how we approach wellness.

 “We heard Sam speak at IV BizBash and were inspired by what he’s done at Liquivida. He’s an influencer in this space and has been an amazing resource.

Contact Information

To learn more about the Nikic sisters’ journey and the services available through IV On Command, visit their website

Liquivida, founded by Sam Tejada, distributes high-quality IV therapy products to over 4000 doctors nationwide. To learn more about their affiliate program and the products they offer, visit their website.

Name: Natasha and Amanda Nikic
Company: IV On Command

Phone: 1 (954) 995-0147

Address: Miami, FL


 Name: Samael Tejada
Company: Liquivida, a Health and Wellness Franchise
Phone: 1 (844) 548-2100
Address: Fort Lauderdale, FL

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